Welcome To Dhanwantri Bioremedies Pvt Ltd

Dhanwantri Bioremedies Pvt. Ltd. has been involved in cultivation of stevia herb and manufacturing of healthcare products primarily based on stevia from last 7 years.

Dhanwantri Bioremedies was registered in 2007 as manufacturing firm.Our manufacturing unit is located at Buttibori, MIDC, Nagpur.

While working on stevia we realize its potential benefits on human body.

The herb proved to be very beneficial on Diabetes.


Our Special Products

flaxseed oil capsules
cinnamon tablet 60
wheatgrass power
spirulina capsules
cow colostrum

Customer Testimonials

  Customer Review
I'm an art Fitness Trainer. Dhanwantari got me healthy. The quality is unbeatable and the prices are affordable. It's the best shopping place for people who admire beauty and quality at the same time.

 - Yashika Mahajan, Pilot and Fitness Trainer, Bangalore